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Work Rules Laszlo Bock Epub Download 166




Bock has worked at Google for nearly eight years as Chief Economist, Director of Operations, and Senior VP of People Operations.  His current role as Senior VP of People Operations involves reporting to Executive Chairman and CEO Sundar Pichai. In his book, Bock outlines eight rules that Google employees can follow to succeed in their careers. These rules are: Be welcoming and be a team player. Encourage the inclusion of underrepresented groups. Take regular lunch breaks. Grow a healthy diet. Take regular exercise. Have fun, but don't play too much. Be proactive about your work-life balance. And, lead with integrity. This is not as easy as it sounds. The reason is that the current Google culture is one where it is extremely difficult to see the end result of what you are doing. He argues that Google's organizational culture is out of balance, and that the average person at Google, including its leaders, feels disengaged. The problem is that some areas of Google are thriving, while other areas of the organization are thriving less. Google's diversity efforts, Bock says, have been too little, too late.  He points to the fact that there are more than 10,000 people at Google, and yet the tech giant has only 20 women on its senior team, and only 10 people of color in total. He states that the internal Google audit done in 2015 was a complete disaster, as over 100 different units of the company prepared their own evaluations. Google could not even come up with a ranking of its 150 offices, let alone a ranking of its more than 100 leadership teams. Bock acknowledges that Google has taken action, including the recent CEO pay decision. But, he states that Google's existing employees are still largely disengaged. Because Google is a company where the culture is engrained into its DNA, it is extremely difficult to bring about change. Bock suggests that Google needs to make a concerted effort to reshape its culture, but it must be done in a way that respects the current employees and has some room for skepticism, even disdain, to succeed. Google's recent release of data showing that its employee base is still highly skewed toward white males does not surprise Bock. He states that he is in the camp that believes that Google will never be able to effectively diversify its workforce until it has a leader who truly cares about diversity. Bock




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Work Rules Laszlo Bock Epub Download 166
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